Dr. Tiana Von Johnson is a serial entrepreneur, producer, author, sought-after mindset coach, real estate guru and creative visionary. As CEO and President of GoldStar Properties and Madison Layne Real Estate, Founder of the Minority Investors Alliance (MIA), and National Expansion Strategist for Strongbrook Real Estate Investment Company, this inspiring entrepreneur is making strides in the world of New York real estate and beyond. Since starting two real estate firms, she has built a solid reputation as an astute dealmaker for entertainers, executives and everyday people seeking to build lucrative portfolios, and purchase, sell, rent or invest in real estate. This ambitious leader brings unique perspective and experience, and continues to overcome obstacles and blaze new trails.

Tiana was born and raised in the Bronx, New York and began her climb to success when she was only seven-years-old. She developed a knack for negotiation and entrepreneurship by selling records on the streets of Harlem with her father. She honed her creative side by watching her mother create hair pieces, sew, knit, make dolls and arrange flowers. Combining the two forces, she pushed full speed ahead and learned first-hand about the world of market trends, strong client relationships and other important skills in the workplace that would later serve her well in her career. When most girls were busy with their dolls, she was more interested in playing “mogul,” creating make-believe client files, to-do lists and delegating to her staff of stuffed animals.

Fast forward a few years later, Tiana Von Johnson remained on the fast track receiving her Bachelor’s in Business Administration at the age of 20 and completing her Master’s in Business Administration one year later from Metropolitan College of New York. Immediately after, she applied for a doctoral program, only to be told that she was too young. That didn’t stop her from pursuing the Doctor of Business Administration program with the University of Phoenix at the age 27. However, as God would have it she was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in 2013.

Always one to learn, Tiana pursued opportunities in entertainment, which along with business is a passion close to her heart. While working as a human resources executive for 10 years with a number of major non-profit organizations, Tiana took acting classes, went to film school and produced youth dance competitions during her spare time.

These diverse opportunities led her to look fear in the eye and leave a steady 9-to-5 job during the economic downturn to play her hand at real estate, signing on with a Wall Street firm where she became a top producer. Eventually, she saw a vision to start her own venture GoldStar Properties of New York, now the GoldStar Group and since then has never looked back. What started out as a staff of four and a space of 430 sq. ft. in 2009 has grown into to a thriving organization of 50 agents working from a 4,000 sq. ft. space, not to mention national and global expansion, a new sister company and other exciting projects in the works. Her Minority Investors Alliance (MIA) has hundreds of Ambassadors across the country helping her cause to empower and build minority millionaires across the country through real estate investing and entrepreneurship. 

In addition, Tiana produces The Power House Conference & Women Doing It Big, which is a national empowerment conference designed to motivate, educate and empower men and women across the world.

Others are definitely taking notice of her boundless energy, enthusiasm and drive, with Tiana being featured in Black Enterprise, Crain’s New York Business,, FACE Magazine, Marie Claire, The Real Deal and on TV One, among other media outlets. In addition, she was recently recognized and honored by Senator Jeff Klein for her exemplary leadership and dedication to the people of New York. Tiana resides in New Jersey with her two children TJ and Tristen Johnson.

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