Millionaire mogul and branding expert, Tiana Von Johnson is living the life she loves. Using her extraordinary gifts, she has developed a significant following among entrepreneurs who seek her wisdom and advice. Teaching from the heart and armed with life and business lessons, Tiana has an uncanny knack for touching lives and helping people grow their businesses and brands. After years of hard work in corporate America, she left a lucrative career to become a full-time entrepreneur. As fate would have it, the numerous skills she developed over the years enhanced her ability to quickly rise in the highly competitive real estate industry on Wall Street in NYC. As a result, by the age of 27-years-old, Tiana was the highest paid, African-American female real estate broker. Her first year in business, during one of the worst economic times in history,  she managed to generate over $1 million dollars, built several more million dollar businesses and signed a TV deal with NBC for her very own show, Power House.


Today Tiana coaches entrepreneurs around the world on how to build seven streams of income and multimillion dollar empires. She enriches audiences with her real and charismatic appeal as she travels across the world conducting master classes, seminars and her popular Women Doing It Big Conference. Tiana has a nationally distributed magazine, Women Doing It Big, a fitness and beauty empire, Ambition, over twenty best-selling business books and courses and a host of other businesses and investments.

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