Kinja Dixon – Entrepreneur
"The entire understanding of the brand that I have has been elevated."
Azia Moore – Entrepreneur
"Tiana Von Johnson's class was amazing! Loved my experience, you should be here!"
Courtanie Sanders – Financial Coach
"This class is invaluable. The lesson learned were amazing"
Elle Brown – Fabpupously Chic
"So many jewels she dropped today...You will be a millionaire if you follow her guidelines."
Shakeema Hughes – Online Boutique
"Amazing experience...Action packed, major information, so much you need to get!"
Dr. Tamara Allen – Entrepreneur
"Drove 13 hours to get here. You learn how to take your business to the next level."
Lourdes Cartagena – Entrepreneur
"This is my second time attending the Master Class and I'm even more equipped the second time around."
Chris & Leah Williams – Hear Chris Speak
"Tiana is instrumental in giving us the tools that we need to make sure our brand looks huge."
Tanisha Royster – Bridge Academy
"We need people in our corner who are professionals that want to work for you and that is what Tiana does"
Natasha Adjogbar – Everything Fashion Fab
"This is real, this is who she is...She'll pull things out of you, you never knew existed."
Nya Reynolds – Entrepreneur
"If you are ready to get into business and build your brand, you have got to come! Invest in yourself"
Lamar Smith – Relentless Lamar
"I had a magnificent time. learned a lot about branding a business myself. "
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