Lawanda Frazier – Hair Stylist
"Tiana, you've done it again, I've been going to all of your events since the very first one"
Melanie Bentley – Real Estate
"No matter what your background is, she can definitely teach you a thing or two about your brand."
Brittany Brown – LPJ Daycare
"It was phenomenal. She is truly amazing. A true trailblazer."
Cynthia Rovira – Entrepreneur
"Powerful and great place where women get to share their ideas and network."
Josie Payoute – Eisoj Boutique
"In my 30 minute session she provided me with so much information...A very genuine and caring person."
Rashunda Bailey – Entrepreneur
"Thank you Tiana Von Johnson, I have never been to a class like this. I have definitely been branded"
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