» » Tiana Von Johnson Starts Minority Investors Alliance, with Strongbrook Group

Tiana Von Johnson Starts Minority Investors Alliance, with Strongbrook Group

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Tiana Von JohnsonNew York City Power House Broker Dr. Tiana Von Johnson partners with 250 million dollar, national real estate investment company, the Strongbrook Group, to form one of the largest minority based investment movements, Minority Investors Alliance (MIA). Tiana is a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, host, coach, real estate broker and investor, television producer and author of the bestselling book, Mindset Makeover and Power of YOU. After being the only African-American real estate broker on New York’s Wall Street for the last 5 years, this inspiring entrepreneur is making strides in the world of real estate and beyond. After generating almost 10 million dollars with her own company GoldStar Properties, she sold her company to focus on MIA and other ventures.

MIA’s goal is to assist minorities in the acquisition of investment real estate using Strongbrook’s investment strategies. To date Strongbrook has helped thousands of families invest in real estate and build wealth. Tiana doesn’t want minorities to get left behind.

“Our mission is to help people make the type of money in real estate they need, to do the things they really aspire to do in life. I don’t love real estate and it’s not my passion but it finances by dreams.” – Dr. Tiana Von Johnson

In addition, Tiana still maintains the GoldStar Group, which is a national real estate coaching company training thousands of real estate brokers and agents across the world. She also has a small elite group of luxury real estate agents specializing in New York’s finest real estate rentals and sales.

Tiana signed two television deals in 2013 with NBC Universal for her very own real estate TV show, Power House, and has been featured on TV One, Black Enterprise, CNN, Crains New York Business, Curbed.com, Marie Claire, the Real Deal and other media outlets. In 2014 she was recognized and honored by Senator Jeff Klein for her exemplary leadership and dedication to the people of New York.

Tiana has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and an MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) both from Metropolitan College of New York. She studied for her Doctor of Business Administration with the University of Phoenix from 2007 to 2010 and in 2013 to 2014 she received two Honorary Doctor of Philosophy degrees.


Email info@tianavonjohnson.com for more inquiries to join the movement.



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