Power House

The docu-series features hot, aggressive and powerful real estate agents in one of New York’s most successful boutique real estate firms, The GoldStar  Group. 

The world of high-stakes Manhattan real estate is full of professional and personal drama, and serves as the setting for Power House, a developing series following the fast-paced lives of sexy, ambitious, and well-connected agents working at Wall Street based GoldStar Properties. While juggling the success and the stress of handling multimillion dollar deals for the wealthiest and trendiest of New York’s social, political and entertainment elite, the attractive agents of this female-owned firm must also hold their own amongst their fellow alpha agents. Along with a peek into the emotional drama regularly faced by buyers, sellers and agents, Power House provides viewers with stunning wish-fulfillment access to some of the most interesting and gorgeous luxury real estate available in the City. High-end real estate in Manhattan is the ultimate market to play in; where it’s not just about selling property…it’s about selling a lifestyle.