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Are you ready to tap into a treasure trove of priceless ideas and brand strategies? Would you like to learn from Tiana Von Johnson from the comfort of your home? If so, you're invited to join the waiting list for Brand Your Brilliance virtual master class.

Tiana Von Johnson's virtual master class, 'Brand Your Brilliance,' is offered every quarter and welcomes ambitious entrepreneurs ready to elevate their lives and brands to new heights. The journey begins with you mastering Tiana's 'Laws to Entrepreneurial Success' from her upcoming book, '7 Laws of Entrepreneurial Success: The Millionaire Mind Manifesto.' In this class, you will discover how to reprogram your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, aligning them with a life of abundance, opportunity, and unwavering personal growth. Awakening this mindset will unlock a reservoir of limitless potential and creativity, fundamentally transforming your approach to entrepreneurship and life.

Once this foundation is established, Tiana will delve into her invaluable ideas and exclusive brand strategies, worth thousands of dollars, exclusively available in this class. She will guide you through her non-traditional wealth-building strategies, break down her proprietary 'Red Apple Theory™,' teach you how to create seven streams of income, show you how to attract celebrities to your brand for FREE, provide guidance on launching a successful product line, writing multiple books, and much more!

The ultimate goal is to help YOU transform your aspirations into tangible results. After completing this class, you will be fully equipped to declutter your ideas, monetize your talents, nurture your passions, and achieve success!

No matter where you are in the world, you can now access the keys to brand success from the comfort of your own home. This master class is your passport to a world of knowledge, all at your fingertips.

Uncover a wealth of invaluable ideas and brand strategies that are worth thousands of dollars, and they're exclusively yours at this class! Tiana Von Johnson, a renowned expert in the field, will guide you through a transformative journey to unlock your brand's true potential.

Get ready to unleash the brilliance within your brand. Whether you're just starting out or looking to elevate your existing brand, this master class is your roadmap to success.

Tiana is more than qualified to teach you! Check out her impressive track record.

  • Generated her first million dollars at the age of 27 on Wall Street in NYC as a real estate power broker.
  • A 15-year multi-business entrepreneur, generating millions, and teaching entrepreneurs to do the same.
  • Rose to success as one of the world's most successful non-conventional brand strategists and coaches.
  • Generated millions in revenue through stage presentations, book sales, product sales, and services.
  • Starred in her own real estate reality series, 'Powerhouse,' which was acquired by NBC Style Network.
  • Independently secured a Prime Video licensing deal for MotivateHER streaming to millions worldwide.
  • Authored more than 20 books and courses, achieving sales of over 100,000 copies sold with no distribution.
  • Delivered over 2,500 keynotes and training sessions for entrepreneurs and diverse audiences worldwide.
  • Distinguished as one of the few African-American women inventors in the board gaming industry.
  • Created, produced, and hosted the Master P Master Class™, taught by the legendary Percy Miller, aka Master P.
  • Founder & CEO, Women Doing It Big Conference & Magazine inspiring women for over a decade.
  • Founder & CEO, The Rarity Bag, a RARE, first-of-its-kind luxury handbag line manufactured in NYC.
  • Founder & CEO, Ambition Body, a fitness and wellness brand committed to empowering women both mentally and physically. She also produced the 'Bodyadi Workout Party' EP, available on music streaming platforms worldwide.
  • Holds six degrees; a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) (2024), two honorary Doctor of Philosophy degrees (2013; 2014), Post Master’s Certificate in Business Administration (2022), a Master of Business Administration (MBA) (2003), and a Bachelor of Business Administration (2001).

This Class is by Far the #1 'Nontraditional' Branding Course for Forward-Thinking Entrepreneurs in Any Industry!

“These accomplishments have been the driving force behind the creation of this Master Class, designed to empower you! In this class, I'll guide you through my non-traditional wealth-building strategies, break down my proprietary Red Apple Theory™, teach you how to build seven streams of income, how to get celebrities attached to your brand for FREE, how to launch a successful product line, how to write multiple books, and so much more! My goal is to help YOU transform your aspirations into tangible results. After class, you will be able to declutter your ideas, monetize your talents, nurture your passions, and win!” - Tiana Von Johnson

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