Tiana Von Johnson

Who is Tiana Von Johnson?

Tiana Von Johnson, known as the MotivateHER, is an entrepreneurial powerhouse with a notable trajectory of success. A motivational speaker of global acclaim, she also thrives as an inspirational music artist, author, and a business and personal development coach for thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. Tiana’s creative versatility extends to her role as a luxury handbag designer for her brand, Rarity New York, a motivational board game inventor, and film producer. Her entrepreneurial journey began with a daring leap from a 9-to-5 job to business ownership during a tough economic period. She has been featured in countless media outlets, including Black Enterprise, The Real Deal, Crain’s New York Business, Curbed, Yahoo Finance, Cheddar News and more. Additionally, she made her mark in television by producing “Powerhouse,” a show that was picked up by NBC Universal’s Style Network early in her career.

Drawing on skills honed since the age of 7, selling records on the streets of NYC with her father, navigating corporate America, and exploring business and real estate in her early twenties, Tiana’s ambition, keen judgment, and intuitive insights propelled her to master the intricacies of branding and business. In her first year as a bona fide entrepreneur, she achieved remarkable success, generating over one million dollars in revenue at only 27 years old! She also holds six degrees; a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) (2024), two honorary Doctor of Philosophy degrees (2013; 2014), Post Master’s Certificate in Business Administration (2022), a Master of Business Administration (MBA) (2003), and a Bachelor of Business Administration (2001).

Today, Tiana lives a life she loves, shaped by her passion for helping people, especially women. As both a motivational speaker and inspiring music artist, she authentically shares her messages of faith, sacrifice, and unwavering determination through speaking and music, captivating audiences worldwide with her go-getter mindset and genuine charisma. Her inspirational visual album “MotivateHER Vol. 1 Therapy” is streaming on Prime Video to millions of households across the U.S. and the U.K.

Tiana epitomizes the true essence of a MotivateHER and entrepreneur, embodying resilience, innovation, and success in every aspect of her journey. While she is already a powerful force, Tiana strongly believes she is just getting started!

Tiana Von Johnson’s

Key Accomplishments…

Inspirational Music Artist

Independently secured Amazon Prime Video licensing for docu-film MotivateHER streaming to millions in the U.S. & U.K.

Board Game Inventor

Distinguished as one of the few black women inventors in the gaming industry, with her very own board game, the Vision Board game. 

Founder, Women Doing It Big

CEO & Publisher of the Women Doing It Big Conference and Magazine, inspiring thousands of women for over a decade. 

Youth Speaker & Branding Coach

Youth speaker, coach, and role model empowering young minds to become entrepreneurs.

Luxury Handbag Designer

Founder, CEO & Chief Designer of her "Rarity Bag," brand a first-of-its-kind luxury handbag line made in NYC.

Powerhouse & Overcomer

From the Bronx to generating one million dollars in revenue at 27-years-old. Her real estate TV show “Powerhouse” was picked up by NBC, Style Network!

Master P Master Class, Producer

Created, produced, and hosted the Master P Master Class™, taught by the legendary Percy Miller aka Master P.

NYC Real Estate Broker / Owner

Owned and operated multimillion dollar firm real estate on Wall Street in NYC for over a decade.

Motivational Speaker

Delivered over 2,500 keynotes and training sessions for entrepreneurs and diverse audiences worldwide.

Publisher & Author

Authored and self-published more than 15 best-selling books that inspire and empower thousands of individuals.

Academic Scholar & Overachiever

Holds Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) (2024), two Honorary Doctorates (2013;2014), Post Master's Cert (2022), MBA (2002) and Bachelor of Business Degrees (2001). 

Million Dollar Brand Coach

Brand and personal development coach to thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. 

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