Tiana Von Johnson


MotivateHER Vol. 1 Therapy is a captivating and transformative visual album and docu-film that seamlessly blends original music, soul-stirring lyrics, thought-provoking monologues, engaging short stories, and evocative poems. Audiences embark on a soul-stirring journey with Tiana Von Johnson as she fearlessly shares her personal odyssey through the intricate realms of Self-Discovery, Mindset, and Self-Love.

MotivateHER is a captivating 60-minute visual masterpiece accompanied by an 18-track album, currently streaming on Prime Video and available on all music platforms worldwide, spanning a diverse array of music genres. This extraordinary project offers an immersive experience, artfully weaving together a tapestry of music, emotions, and heartfelt stories.

Through the power of music, MotivateHER allows audiences to witness Tiana’s resilience in the face of challenges, including narcissistic abuse, a broken family, and the skepticism of naysayers. Beyond being just an album, it serves as a musical testament, a visual spectacle, and an auditory narrative that authentically captures the essence of her bold storytelling.

MotivateHER introduces a groundbreaking approach to music, seamlessly blending inspiration, empowerment, and heartfelt lyrics. This ensures a multi-dimensional and enriching experience for those who engage with this unique and innovative artistic endeavor. Take the plunge into the extraordinary world of MotivateHER and embark on a transformative journey like never before.

About Motivator Music Group

Tiana Von Johnson has spearheaded the creation of Motivator Music Group, a groundbreaking music platform that serves as a conduit for artists to share their stories through docufilms and live events. This provides other artists with an opportunity to launch projects similar to what Tiana has done with MotivateHER. In addition to her music endeavors, Tiana has established The MotivateHER Community, a sanctuary for genuine supporters and eager learners to connect with Tiana beyond the noise of traditional social media. Departing from the complexity of multiple social platforms, Tiana has meticulously crafted a dedicated space to share insights and provide transformative teaching, coaching and music—all within this vibrant community.


About The MotivateHER Community

The MotivateHER Community is a dynamic space where professionals, genuine supporters, and lifelong learners gather for personal development, networking, inspiration, and more. Say goodbye to the noise of traditional social media and hello to a private community dedicated to growth. With regular meet-ups, motivational content, live sessions, and an emphasis on authentic connections, we’re here to support your journey towards greatness. Become an active part of our positive and growth-oriented movement, contribute to discussions, access premium content, and experience unwavering support. Join us today and be a part of the MotivateHER Community, your sanctuary for motivation and connection.

The MotivateHER Souvenir Journal and Personal Development Manual Self-Discovery. Mindset. Self-Love

Introducing Tiana Von Johnson’s MotivateHER Souvenir Journal and Personal Development Manual – a transformative guide inspired by Tiana’s empowering docufilm, MotivateHER. Immerse yourself in a journey of self-discovery, mindset refinement, and self-love through three comprehensive sections: Self-Discovery, Mindset, and Self-Love designed to elevate your personal growth. Whether you’re seeking self-discovery, a refined mindset, or enhanced self-love, this empowering guide is your companion to unlocking your full potential. Order now and take the first step towards a life of purpose, motivation, and abundance.

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