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Exclusive Tiana Von Johnson’s Vision Board Game + FREE SHIPPING!


Tiana Von Johnson’s VISION BOARD GAME is a powerful form of entertainment that you can use as inspiration toward your future. This game serves as a representation of where you are going, your dreams, your goals and your ideal life. It is designed to teach various lessons of entrepreneurship from world renowned, Brand Strategist & Business Coach, Tiana Von Johnson.

The objective is to learn Tiana’s business tips while competing to be the first player to get all four colored pawns from the REFOCUS area, around the board (sometimes “backward”), to the FREEDOM area. Players will go on an adventurous journey as they battle it out to be the first to FREEDOM. You will have an amazing time as you compete, learn lessons and make serious business decisions–all while having fun! Enjoy with your family and friends. Great for 2-4 players, ages 6+.

60 Cards (40 Number Cards, 4 Decision Cards, 15 Lesson Cards), 4 Pawns of Each Color (Red, Yellow, Blue and Green), 1 Game Board and Instruction Manual.

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Players go on an adventurous and competitive journey while learning business lessons–all while having fun!


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